2009 Class

2008 class:
Class schedule

Stuff to be scheduled:

Possibilities for our class:

Genres of Children's and Adolescent Literature (visit to Columbus Public Libraries)
History of Children's Literature

Drama-related activities:
Puppets: quick envelope puppets, creating scripts for puppet shows for non-readers, shadow puppets
Reader's Theater
Classroom Drama (improvisatory drama used to help students learn)
Opera--turning a piece of children's lit into an original opera

Writing genres connected to music and literature:
Writing blues
Writing ballads
Writing other forms of poetry
"Baseball cards" for composers
Writing books
Writing poetry beginning with a freewrite
Alternatives to the dreaded book report
Alternatives to the dreaded term paper

Technical stuff about reading:
Comprehension strategies
Determining the reading level of a text

Cultural, Historical, Social Studies
Appalachian culture: literature for children and teens, visit from Appalachian musicians, square dance
Cajun culture: children's lit, have our own Cajun dance (two stepping and waltzing)
Songs of the Civil Rights Movement--the complexities of race during the Civil Rights Movement
National Anthem project

how to make a movie
how to download youtube videos

Music and...
Patterns (music, math, literature, art)

Useful Knowledge:
Grant writing
Semiotics--how things make meaning (a justification for teaching to multiple senses/learning styles)

Project Possibilities:
Write your own children's book (scan it so you don't have to turn in the original)
Write your own collection of poetry
Develop a bibliography of children/adolescent lit resources you can use (e.g., about a culture, about a genre, about a musical concept, etc.)
Create a wikispace around a concept that you can use, using visual, auditory, and textual resources
Write an actual grant that you can submit
Something else that will benefit you...